Interpretation: A Matter of Life and Death

Update 2/27/17: Know Your Rights PSA videos available in Mam and Ixil from the Mayan League here: 

Maya Mam
Maya Ixil

This is a resource page to respond to the problem of inadequate language access for Mayans from Guatemala currently involved in the United States immigration enforcement system. While this problem has existed for many years, the urgency of addressing it has only increased with the worsening human rights situation in Guatemala which has led thousands upon thousands of men, women, and children to flee their homeland. Without adequate interpretation, people entitled to protection under federal and international refugee protection law are at great risk of being returned to their death or other serious persecution.

This page includes:

This page does not provide direct referrals for interpreters, is not affiliated with any organization, and does not constitute legal advice. All links are for general information purposes only and do not suggest an endorsement of the organization or service, including quality or accuracy of translation.

If you have any suggestions, please include them in comments of each page or the contact form below. The goal is for this to be a collaborative resource to help start connecting anyone with an interest in ensuring that Mayan people have access to basic due process under the law. Thank you.


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