Know Your Rights Videos in Mam and Ixil

Thanks to the Mayan League, and many generous collaborators, short videos in Mam and Ixil are available as an introduction to the rights of immigrants. Please see the message below from Executive Director Juanita Cabrera Lopez and share the videos!

Dear Colleagues:

I share with you KNOW YOUR RIGHTS PSA in two Mayan Languages, Maya Mam and Maya Ixil. This is an indigenous led and produced PSA project.

Please share this information widely in your network.  Many people from Guatemala in the United States are Maya and speak 1 of 22 Distinct Mayan Languages as their first language, with Spanish as their second. For many in our community, they are not Spanish native speakers and they may not know how to read in their Mayan language so we felt that an audio explanation of Know Your Rights during a Raid in our language was important.  We could not have done this without the careful analysis and time of indigenous leaders in the DC/MD/VA area who are all at risk under the current Executive Order. We also had gracious technical support from allies in the community. We look forward to working with you to continue building specific information and tools for our community.

Maya Mam
Maya Ixil

Please share this widely in your network to help our community better understand their rights.

Thank you,

Juanita Cabrera Lopez
Maya Mam

Executive Director

International Mayan League



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